Follow Your Passion

Presenting snippets from an exclusive interview with celebrity makeup artist, Mehak Kawatra

When did it click that this was the right profession for you? Describe the dynamics of your career so far?

It might just sound like a Bollywood story, but yes, a very fine afternoon I was watching this movie called the secret, and that was the time I realized my passion for makeup, beauty, and glam that doesn’t fatigue me ever. It keeps me energetic throughout and that was the day when I decided to redirect the shape of my career.

What according to you distinguishes your work from all the others in the same domain as yours?

See, there a whole lot of people who are into the same industry. Lot of them came later, and there are just a few of the names who started initially, and I am blessed to among those. Moreover, I staunchly believe that my unflinching passion towards my work is what makes me set apart from the rest and keeps me going!

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