Follow Your Heart

Fashion connoisseur, Roopan Grewal, the Founder & Owner of Stitchcraft speaks on wedding trends, team-spirit, success and lots more!

When did it click that this was the right profession for you? Describe the dynamics of your career so far?

Stitchcraft is a team venture by Roopan and Deepinder Grewal, which was established in 2005. Topping the university for 5 consecutive years, I took an year off before enrolling myself for Ph.D. During this phase, I wanted to do something of my interest. Having participated in Indian festivals around the world during my student years, I was always attracted towards different cultures, their costumes, colour coordination, etc. If I look back, these things kept registering in my subconscious mind and having a good hand at sketches and paintings always stayed. So eventually, I started my cloth line in my hometown Patiala, just as a hobby. However, it was later when I got married that I started my own brand, Stitchcraft by Roopan Grewal at Ludhiana; that was when I realised that I actually wanted to pursue it as a profession.

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