‘Every dairy farmer inspires me’

Starting from scratch, with no background in dairy farming or agriculture. And yet being one of the biggest Sahiwal Cow farms in Tricity. There are hundreds of dairy farms across the city but making it successful following ethical practices is very rare. In a conversation over milk, Amandeep Sharma, Owner, DesiPure Milk tells us what brought him to this industry and more.

From being an engineer to starting DesiPure Milk, the journey has been an interesting one for Amandeep Sharma, “I’ve spent 21 years of my life in Maharashtra completed my Engineering. Worked for an IT company for 6 months, got bored with the job and so decided to join an airline in the Middle East and wander the world, after 7years and 50+ countries decided to move back to India in 2018. The sense to establish something that is very grounded to Indian roots gave me the idea to set up an organic dairy farm with the only indigenous breed of cows and in 2019 DESIPUREMILK was established,” he says. With a definition of his own, he believes that success is just a word to define the accomplishments of your short-term goals. “If the outcome of your plan makes you happy, I’d call it a success. Right from my happy cows to my happy clients it’s all success for me,” he happily explains.

He believes in turning any situation into an opportunity and that is also how he sees the challenges on his way. Talking about his process of dealing through challenges as an entrepreneur, he says, “I tell myself; challenges are inevitable. You know after a certain challenge, there waits another one, it never stops!  It takes perseverance. You keep going, keep striving, sometimes you learn it the hard way but along with every challenge comes an opportunity to tackle it better than before and this turns your challenges into milestones of success.”