Enriching the Teaching Experience

 “We are here for our students. We are here due to our students,” affirms Reekrit Serai, Managing Director, Satluj Group of Schools,

When Reekrit Serai joined Satluj, the newest teaching pedagogy in the Indian Education industry was the ‘SmartClass’, an AV tool which everyone thought would replace teachers in the long-run. Being considered as tech-savvy and young, the onus fell upon him to take Satluj into the future and ever since then, he has been setting new benchmarks in the education sector. The school has an array of awards and accolades to its credit and is reckoned to be a ‘Great Place to Study’ in the world. So, we speak to Serai to know more about Satluj Group of Schools.

What effect do the town and the state have on your school?

Adapting to local needs is extremely important. That’s why every branch of ours is a success in their respective cities—in terms of CBSE and examination results, innovation, reputation, contribution to society, numbers of students cracking entrance examinations, alumni placements in top universities and number of students. Since 1976, we have stood for global education deep-rooted in Indian culture. And we’re committed to standing by this motif.

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