“Engage. Express. Empower!”

In an exclusive conversation, Ms. Neelam Makhijani, Country Director & CEO, ChildFund, India emphasizes on her aim is to achieve gender equality for women across the globe. Speaks on pressing issues like Right to Education, need of art and lots more.

What motivated you to initiate ChildFund? Is this something that you always wanted to do?

ChildFund strives to ensure that deprived, excluded, and vulnerable children have the opportunity and access to possibilities to improve their lives and become confident young adults, parents, and leaders who inspire lasting and positive change in their communities.

For over 6 decades ChildFund India, a leading child development organization, has been working with underserved children and youth, with a vision of “an India where children lead a dignified life and achieve their full potential”. It annually reaches nearly 3 million children, youth, and their families across 15 States through its long-term interventions.

I always wanted to do something to change the way society thinks, set an example, and do something big that makes a difference. After working outside India for almost 15 years and knowing the need of leadership talent or rather lack of it in the development sector, and my desire to serve at home, I moved back to India in 2014; this was also to look after my ailing mother. I believe in destiny and joined ChildFund India providing dynamic and strategic leadership, as ChildFund India’s Country Director and CEO for nearly 4 years.

I’m passionate about inspiring change for maximum impact. Within just a couple of years, we have been able to revitalize ChildFund India’s core operations by strengthening the organization’s ability to fulfil its mandate to children throughout India, collaborated with some of the most notable corporates in India and introduced several innovative programs.

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