El Mexicano ruling the land of curries

For someone who is full of life and energy, Seerat is the perfect person to run a restaurant business like El Mexicano with her cheerful personality. In conversation with Urban Melange, she talks about her love for Mexican food and her journey.

Punjab is known for its rich food and flavor but one thing that now the people of Punjab are welcoming with open arms is the international flavors. El Mexicano is one such example that opened its doors in June 2019, and they have an outlet each in Chandigarh, Mohali, and Panchkula. Talking about her journey till now, Seerat, Owner, El Mexicano, says, “It has been an extremely challenging but fulfilling journey till now. There are good days and bad, mostly good now, but what I love about being an entrepreneur is- that it just doesn’t stop. You are always on the job! El was my first venture and I dug into every aspect of the industry and the business to conduct extensive market research. I micro-managed everything- recipe creation, operation flows, processes, interiors, vendor selection, marketing designs, collaterals, etc. Not only did it allow me an opportunity to be acquainted with every aspect of the venture, but it taught me so much about so many other industries, which in turn helped shape me into the entrepreneur I am today.

This is not where she is stopping, she has more projects in the pipeline. “I try to get into the minutest of details with all of them to ensure that I can learn as much as I can and to iron out details to the maximum extent possible. This entire journey is extremely exciting, to say the least,” she adds.

You need to have strong determination and inspiration to work this hard and raise your business. Talking about her inspiration and her moment of joy, she says, “the sheer happiness of seeing someone enjoy food that you have lovingly prepared along with perpetually satiating the entrepreneurial bug that has bit me, keeps me going day in and day out. I love seeing my hard work come to life in all that I do and that is what drives me most!

We asked her why she chose to go with a Mexican restaurant for her venture, for which she goes back in time and tells us, “I used to enjoy Mexican food regularly while I was working in Bangalore. On moving back, I realized there was no good Mexican food in the region and that’s when I decided to take the plunge! I wanted to build a brand that could become people’s go-to on a regular basis with fresh, clean, healthy, and tasty food and to bring a brand-new concept to the city!”

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