Drinking made ‘better for you’ with Jade Forest

Creating drinks in the ‘better for you’ category, Shuchir Suri and Punweet Singh, founders, Jade Forest, come from different backgrounds but had the same vision when they thought about Jade Forest. With five different flavors in the non-alcoholic drink category, they are trying to change the Indian beverage industry. In conversation with Urban Melange, Punweet Singh talks about the journey, challenges and plans ahead.

Q. What was your vision behind the brand Jade Forest?

Jade Forest plans to bring about a holistic change to how people consume beverages, and we plan to do this by introducing a range of options in the ‘better-for-you’ beverage category. We are constantly reinventing and researching the current and future trends of the drinks industry. We’ve realized that people are looking out for healthier alternatives and this is not a trend, it’s a market shift and lifestyle change that people have adapted themselves to post the pandemic. People are conscious of the ingredients that go into their drinks. They want healthier alternatives to the traditional soft drinks and juices available in the market. Innovation coupled with premium ingredients and a community-driven approach is just some of the things we plan to capitalize on as a brand. 

Q. Tell us about your journey till now?

The journey for Jade Forest has been an exciting one, full of great moments as well as some challenging ones along the way. It all started when Shuchir and I had decided to meet over a couple of drinks. When we sat down to order, we both observed something on the menu that stood out to us and that was a complete lack of beverage options to choose from. What we saw were the same big brands that we’ve been seeing all our lives, and these were all overly sugared and full of artificial ingredients. We felt the space lacked any innovation for many years and that’s how we came up with Jade Forest, a thoughtfully crafted beverage company that believes in creating drinks in the ‘better-for-you’ category and abide by what our consumers want in today’s age and not by what the traditional beverage players have been trying to sell all these years.

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