Dream Come True

Makeup artist, Harman Kohli decrypts her journey of venturing into the beauty industry.

“My whole family is blessed with the artistic genes. It’s in my blood. I remember I was a really introvert child, lost in my own world, just drawing anything and everything all day long. My dad used to get me art books and colors whenever he returned from his business trips. So, art is what I have always known best and that is what pushed me to become a make-up artist,” says Harman Kohli, a name reckoned with colossal artistry of makeup.

A self-taught artist, Harman graduated with Bachelors of Arts from MCM Dav College. However, her real source of inspiration came from her mother, a professional cosmetologist and a makeup artist. “I grew up watching her and always wanted to follow in her footsteps. My mother has been my foremost inspiration in all aspects of life but makeup is something which cemented that bond,” says Harman.

She further adds, “I am a self-taught artist who could not wait for her school to end for good; so that I could fully immerse myself into the world of make-up. I still remember returning home after taking my last board exam and the first thing I did was power up my laptop and started practicing on my sister. Learning proper techniques, product knowledge and to work on different types of face shapes and skin was no cake walk. I made lots of mistakes but, never quit practicing. I interned in a few salons and assisted a couple of makeup artists at the age of 18. The struggle was backbreaking but, the support from my parents was really what kept me going. Initially, hairstyling was not my forte; so I got myself enrolled in the master class by world-famous Russian hairstylist GEORGE KOT. He is exceptional in his work and learning under him was a dream come true.”

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