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Conquering Orthopedy with finesse

A downright focused surgeon, a pioneer in deploying international techniques for orthopedics; Dr. Harpreet of Orthonova Hospital orates his experience of working with top most surgeons all over the world and gives voice to some of the pristine technologies introduced in the world of orthopedics.

Rubika Bedi

  • When and how did you decide to become an orthopedic surgeon?

Belonging to an army background, I grew up in a disciplinary environment. My vivacious and lively personality slyly transformed me into a successful orthopedic surgeon. It was when my father met with a dreadful accident in 1981 and suffered with a spinal injury, that was when the entire family’s responsibility shifted on my and my brother’s shoulders.

As a focused man who stuck to his goals and drew inspiration from his father, I moved ahead. I successfully finished my MBBS and during the course bagged four gold medals, three silver medals and four distinctions. I excelled in my ortho career and achieved my masters with great academic acumen.

  • Break some common myths that people have when it comes to bone health and its treatments.

Debunking some of the common myths below:

  • Patients can’t sit cross legged after their knee operation.
  • Knuckle cracking causes Arthritis.
  • Young people do not require total joint replacement.
  • Arthroscopic surgery is very invasive and translates into a lengthy hospital stay.

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