Combining art and jewellery Moha by Geetanjali

Seeking inspiration from William Morris’s works and creating an eclectic collection that would drive people to pursue their goals with greater zeal and focus, Moha by Geetanjali came up with the “William Morris” collection. The contemporary collection caters to women with a keen sense of fashion and who like to dwell in aesthetics and design. The designs are staying authentic to William Morris’s body of work at the same time adhering to modern women’s preferences and style. The collection is pastel, lightweight, summary, and floral. There are a total of 50 unique designs made in this collection.

Elaborating on the designs and the new collection, Geetanjali Gondhale, Founder / CEO, Moha by Geetanjali said, “I spent over one-and-a-half-year of research and contemplation on what our next collection should bring forth. My Eureka moment came as I observed the nature inspired works of Morris who created wonderful designs with leaves, bushes, trees, etc.

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