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Connecting communities and preserving heritage

Banyan Tree Group has unveiled its highly anticipated Stay For Good programme, designed to offer travelers immersive and meaningful experiences that foster a deeper connection with each destination while preserving local heritage and traditions, as well as benefiting local communities.

Among the highlights is Buahan, a Banyan Tree Escape, where guests can explore Singaperang Village with a local farmer, foraging for native fruits and edible plants, tasting raw honey from stingless bees, and savoring traditional local delicacies. At Garrya Nijo Castle Kyoto, participants will tour a traditional home with a thatched roof, and even try their hand at making one using susuki grass under expert guidance. Meanwhile, Banyan Tree Puebla invites guests to visit Casita de Barro in San Jerónimo Tecuanipan, an establishment that promotes sustainable living and shares traditional farming methods with the local community.

The comprehensive programme offers an extensive range of carefully curated activities and experiences, such as exploring the bamboo forests of Anji in China, delving into the Nyonya heritage of Penang, and discovering the minority Muslim community in Krabi, Thailand.

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