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Adda Microbrewery & Lounge

The taste of the food accentuates when coupled with scenic views. From the views of the trains passing by to the enthusiasm at the cricket ground, Adda Microbrewery & Lounge is a one-of-its-kind place in Punjab. Not just that, their freshly brewed beers and special seasonal flavoured beers makes their customers come back again and again. In conversation with Urban Melange, Armaan Josan, Director, Adda Microbrewery & Lounge talks about his journey and this wonderful place he is proud of establishing.

Q. Tell us about your concept behind Adda Microbrewery & Lounge?

The idea while conceptualizing Adda was to bring the people away from hustle bustle of city, in the lap of nature. Our place has a mellow and romantic vibe where people can enjoy fresh brews along with live gigs.

Q. What was your vision behind the spectacular interiors at your outlet?

In the times of modern architecture and interior we wanted to bring in natural elements which evoke relaxation and peace. So, with this idea we built two terraces and an enclosed space that helps our guests completely connect with nature. People come in to enjoy our seasonal brewed beers at our terrace overlooking trains passing by and enjoy the most beautiful sunset. We also have an attached cricket ground where live matches are hosted giving you a pavilion experience.

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