Coloring their lives like a rainbow

Selflessly aimed at building a beaming career for those in need of special attention and treating each individual as her own, Nancy is working for her NGO Rainbow club and setting benchmarks every day.

  1. Brief us about your NGO.

Rainbow Club is a piece of my heart dedicated to all the mentally retarded, deaf, and blind orphan children. Our NGO is the only one that deals with three categories of special children all under one roof. We aim at recruiting all the special children so that they get equal opportunities in life. From all over Punjab, two hundred and thirty of my children have participated and won national and international recognition which makes us so very proud today.

  • Tell us about your journey and how it all started.

I am a government employee at Punjabi university for the last seventeen years. I was once offered to anchor an event in Jalandhar for specially-abled children, I was awestruck by their talent and innocence. Something inside me decided right there and then that they needed better opportunities and more attention. We started Rainbow Club in 2009, registered it officially in 2010, and are working on their futures keenly.  It has been an onwards and upwards journey ever since.

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