All round advancement in education must be accomplished through legitimate training and control

By: Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh

Education is a vast concept that cannot be constrained within the four walls of a classroom. The core aim of education is to nurture and develop a child with an overall improvement implying scholarly, physical, moral, sensible and social advancement. All round advancement must be accomplished through legitimate training and control. Training demands a constant dedication in shaping faculties, understanding curriculums, identifying the need of a child and so on. To accomplish these goals, there is a prime need of striking a harmony between syllabus, educational programs, books and co-curricular exercises to voyage on the area of improvement.

Co-curricular activities are defined as activities that enable to supplement and complement the curricular or main syllabi activities of a child.

Overall Personality Enhancement

The whole education system today does not only encircle around pen and pencils but giving the child the space to explore them. This aids in thinking and decision making abilities of the child from a very early age. Active participation in sports, debates, group discussions, and cultural activities gives a child a more civic and moral sense which helps the child to have a better understanding of the society at large. Co-curricular activity enhances the advancement of the child which aids in increasing their capacities to emphatically confront situations in the future.

Confidence Buildup

The objective of co-curricular exercises is to provide a better sense of confidence in children along with installing a feeling of sportsmanship, adopting initiatives, preciseness, encouraging collaboration and practicing solidarity. The thought process behind this exercise leads to the creation of self-assurance and helps in figuring out the need of confiding within a group.



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