Bid Adieu to Acne Scars

Today, it is hard to find a youngster not plagued by that almost universal problem of acne and then subsequent acne scarring!

By Komal Jerath

The Scar issue often tends to lower the self-esteem of an individual when it’s most needed, haunting them during their career building years affecting their personality. There was a time when one had to live with these patches of youth forever and spend incessantly in the false hope of some benefit, on a never-ending list of creams promoted by film stars on the idiot box. Results at best were dismal. However, the scenario is not the same anymore. With aesthetics growing by leaps and bounds and extensive research in this field, there are answers on the horizon to put a healing balm on these scars.

The different types of Scars ranging from simple to severe can now be managed for much better aesthetics. There is a mélange of latest techniques meant to conquer this once untreatable scar.

Here’s an overview of the most popular and effective techniques:

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