‘Bella Derma, the name signifies beautiful skin’

A believer in beauty, she says that every skin is wonderful in its own way. Dr. Urvashi Sharma from Bella Derma started her brand with a vision to enhance the beauty of the skin with the help of advanced technology. A pro-age brand, Bella Derma is a place that makes people age with grace.

Q. What inspires you every day?

People and their stories are my inspiration. It’s the indomitable spirit to put your best foot forward in every way possible. I meet people from all walks of life and I am amazed by how resilient human beings are. I also get inspired to see the liveliness and love for life in people. An old lady opting for Botox or a young balding man choosing options to get back his hair is what life is all about. Life is meant to be lived the way you want; not how everyone else is doing.

Q. What was your vision behind your brand?

Bella Derma, the name signifies beautiful skin. We all are born with beautiful skin and we must appreciate ourselves without any social stigma. The brand aspires to preserve and enhance the grace associated with aging. We consider ourselves to be a pro-age brand. Our client base ranges from 18 to 70 years. The emphasis has always been on enhancing the unique physical qualities of every individual so that they reflect and echo the individual’s core beliefs about beauty. There has never been a ‘one size fits all’ model as far as my clients are concerned. I take time to understand each and every clients’ beliefs and concerns before offering input. And I believe beauty reflects confidence and ease.

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