‘Being Sustainably Conscious’

Stepping into the hospitality industry at a young age, K.Sukamal Mondal, Area General Manager, Amari Watergate Bangkok assumed the position of a General Manager for the first time at the age of 36. In conversation with us, he shares his views on how important a team is for any hotel, and his journey till now.

When did you first developed an interest in the hospitality industry and planned to pursue a career in the same?

At a young age to be honest. I have to say, it has stemmed from family influence. My cousin is a chef and looking at him, I always wanted to become one too. I started in the F&B department but slowly worked my way up.

You first assumed the title of General Manager at a very young age, how has your journey been till now?

It has been a ride. But I must say, it has also been tough. Because I became a GM at such a young age, nobody in the industry wanted to take a risk with me. I had to prove myself, drive the performance to show my worth.

What has been the biggest challenge in your journey till now?

I don’t look at a challenge as a “challenge”. So far, every challenge has come with a lesson. I believe, if you change your mindset, you will be able to overcome all hardships and that’s what I have done. With the support of my team, we have been able to solve each challenge and come out stronger.

How would you define teamwork in your own terms?

Everybody must drive their own performance first and then assist others to create an impact.

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