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Balancing Family, Law, and Social Media

Step into the multi-faceted world of Ritu Singh (@mom_of_boys_ritu_singh), where she seamlessly weaves roles as a lawyer, social media influencer, and devoted mother. With culinary creativity and legal acumen, she shares insights on navigating challenges, fostering family bonds, and pursuing passions while nurturing a flourishing online community.

How do you balance being a social media influencer and a mother and other role you play as a woman?

Balancing these roles can be challenging, but I find ways to integrate them. For example, I involve my children in my cooking and content creation, making it a fun family activity. I also prioritize my time, ensuring I dedicate quality time to each role. Self-care is crucial too, so I make time for activities that recharge me.

You are also a lawyer by profession, tell us about that journey?

My journey as a lawyer has been rewarding. It’s a profession that demands attention to detail, analytical thinking, and effective communication skills—qualities that also benefit my content creation and social media work, my legal background has shaped my approach to problem-solving and content creation.

Can you share one of your most successful cooking innovations?

One of my most successful cooking innovations is a recipe for healthy, kid-friendly snacks i.e. black carrot halwa, custard apple shake, green pea burfi to name a few. ⁠I created a range of snacks using nutritious ingredients that children love, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These snacks have been a hit with my kids and my followers, as they are both tasty and nutritious.

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