Are you losing fat or losing weight?

Fitness goals are often left unfulfilled. The offender more often than not is our wrong focus on losing weight, as one should focus on losing fat and building muscle rather than losing both

Inspector Harinder Singh Sekhon

Your fitness goals have been an unending struggle – ever wondered why? You go to the gym, you watch what you eat, yet it doesn’t get your desired results. Out of frustration, you go back to leading an unhealthy lifestyle. This is mostly because the purpose is to lose fat, but you end up decreasing your weight – they might sound the same, but they are very, very different. Take two individuals who weigh 90 kgs – they look different because one has a body weight high in muscle mass and low in body fat, while the other has body weight low in muscle mass and high in body fat. This is probably why the first individual will look fit to the eye, in comparison to the second individual who would appear as obese.

The Difference

The weight of the body is the collective mass acquired by the muscles, the bones, the water and the organs stored in the body.

Thus, Weight Loss = Loss of Muscle Mass + Loss of Fat + Loss of Water

Fat loss, quite simply is a reduction in the fat content that is stored in your body.

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