Adding finesse to the bride’s look – Naina Goel

With a dream of opening a hotel she went for a degree in hospitality, but her passion always told her to be a make-up artist, Naina Goel started her journey as a professional make-up artist almost three years ago and has been making the brides glow for their special day since then.

Q. tell us about your brand and when did your love for make-up begin?

I guess it all started when I was young and used to be a part of every dance competition/performance in my school. We always had to dress up and do makeup and since my mom was working at that time, I had to do it myself. Since then, I’ve been the person who not only did her own makeup but would also help out friends with their lipstick or liner applications. I used to enjoy it. But I never thought of it as a profession considering I’ve always wanted to open a hotel & I am a hotel & hospitality graduate and I also have a master’s degree in international business. Almost 3 years ago my sister pushed me to try my hands on it professionally since she believed I do such a good job on myself. 

I am mostly into more natural & subtle looks as that’s what almost all the brides want these days. Even in my glam looks, I try to only enhance the best features of my brides without being too loud with my choices of colors and pigments. 

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