“A strong will can move mountains”

A true travel enthusiast, Abhishek Jaiswal takes us through his journey of converting his dream into a reality

The idea which was once started by a bunch of travel enthusiasts as Antilog Vacations has today grown to become World’s biggest Collection of luxury Holidays & Activities!

Antilog Vacations was formed as a result of the long felt need to have a company that can provide value packages at a reasonable cost with no hidden charges. With star accommodation quality, the team at Antilog Vacations believes in making persistent customers and hence they provide services of the best quality.

So, we speak to Abhishek Jaiswal, Chairman & CEO, Antilog Vacations who has witnessed the organization develop from good to great.

An engineer by profession Jaiswal pursued Bachelors in Technology from National Institute of Technology followed by Masters in Business Administration from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. He started his professional stint with Infosys but his love for travel eventually led him to lay the foundation stone of Antilog Vacations and ever since then, there has been no turning back!

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