A Philanthropic Tale

Mr. Ashutosh Dayal Sharma, Chairman, Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation & Ms. Raj Kamal Saxena, President, Ramrati Education Complex, Village Rampur Maniharan, District Saharanpur provide a comprehensive view of their truly inspiring journey

By: Bhavya Gaind

Take us through your two-decade-long journey of Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation?

Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation started Smt. Ramrati Gupta Women’s Polytechnic in the year 2000 to empower women through vocational education and skill development by running courses which also resulted in self-employment – in various fields such as Fashion Designing, Textile Designing, Beauty Culture, Secretarial Practice and Computer Science, which has since been phased out. The foundation seeing the need & demand started the Bill Clinton School and Hillary Clinton Nursing School to provide high-quality education resulting in jobs in the health care sector.

Today, the foundation has the trust of the residents of the area and a positive response from the locals. Parents are keen to see their children educated. They are appreciative of the work being done for their children, The Foundation – by providing free Meals –twice a week to students and staff, along with free Bi-Cycles being provided to the girls for commuting to the school.

What inspired you to lay the foundation stone of VGCF? How far have you come in achieving your mission?

Mr. Vinod Gupta was born and brought up in Rampur- Maniharan. When he was young, the village was very small, everyone knew everybody. His father was a doctor and used to look after poor people of the village almost free of charges. There was only one school up to class Xth. As he grew up, he noticed that very few girls were being sent to the school. His feelings kept becoming a memory and resolved that if ever he has enough resources, he will not hesitate to make his own village a model one with as many amenities as possible.

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