5 Facts All Men Should Know About Sexual Problems, Dysfunction and Fertility

By Dr. Aswati Nair, Fertility Consultant, Nova IVF Fertility, Delhi

A couple’s infertility issues have been taboo to talk about in Indian society for a long time. People have slowly started accepting these issues and have started to be vocal about the same. With this openness to accept problems related to infertility comes people’s willingness to visit and seek consultation from a doctor to seek solutions for the problems related to infertility. Today, surprisingly only 45% of couples visit a doctor when they are trying to conceive and out of them only 1% of the couples going through infertility issues seek treatment. In our country, around 15 percent of couples face infertility issues. Other than increased awareness and access to treatment, necessary lifestyle changes which include reduced physical activity, consuming unhealthy diet, alcohol, and addiction to smoke are the dominant factors behind increased cases of infertility. More than just that, it has also been a misconception that infertility in a couple is always a problem on the woman’s side. This misconception still prevails in our society widely and is wrongly believed. Reports suggest that 40-50% of cases of infertility occur due to some issues in the male partner.

Majorly, the increasing issues of infertility are arising as a problem regarding the lifestyle changes that have taken place in the newer generations which is not natural to the cycles of the human body. Lifestyle changes like consumption of toxic substances, and not giving our body enough space to throw these toxins out by lack of enough exercise is a way in which we abuse our bodies today. One part of our body’s reaction to this is the increasing infertility issues of today. This issue can only be addressed when men start comprehending the root cause of the problem and the problem in itself. Below we shall discuss 5 facts all men and people otherwise should know about infertility in men and the sexual problems related to that.

Process of the procedure with your fertility expert

Male fertility is caused by several factors that could be medical, physical, or psychological which cause either deficiency in sperm or poor sperm quality. When a male visits the fertility expert, the expert takes a detailed history of the lifestyle followed which includes information about one’s medical history and sex life. After this, for the physical examination, the expert examines the semen and suggests various natural ways to improve the semen quality before opting for any clinical or surgical procedure. One also must undergo physical and general examination (height, secondary sexual characters, etc.) and native examination (examination of penis, scrotum, palpation of the testis, etc). Subsequently, further tests are advised.

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