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‘Women should have a go-getter attitude’

With plentiful choices of courses available and so many universities to choose from, it is very confusing for a high-school student to make the right choice and choose the right path for his future. Dr. Neeru Bali, along with her team of experts at EdCosmo guides these students and help them get admissions in their dream university. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, this boss lady talks about her entrepreneurial journey, and how being a woman has helped her in being successful.

From being a doctor to an edupreneur, how has your journey been till now?

I have always believed that quality education is the most important thing that people need in our country. With the amount of progress the whole world is making, parents should now start focusing on imparting quality education to their kids from reputed institutions in India and abroad. I was a doctor for a major part of my life, but the education sector always attracted me, as my belief in helping out the students in choosing the right path was always strong. With time, this belief has only got stronger. Children are the future citizens of our country and are its biggest asset. Equipped with the requisite knowledge, they surely are the ambassadors of progress for our country.

Which woman has influenced you the most in life?

I find Sheryl Sandberg (she served as COO of Facebook from the year 2008 till 2022) very inspiring, and I am impressed by her thought process and her vision. Along with being a technology executive she is also a philanthropist and a writer. I love reading her books. Michelle Obama is also somebody who inspires me a lot. She is an inspiration for many women around the world. Her contributions to women empowerment and upliftment of girls are commendable and there is a lot one can learn from her.

What does being a boss lady mean to you?

For me leadership means taking my team along. According to me, a good leader is someone who would have a good team spirit.

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