‘Women form the foundation of the society’

When it comes to jewellery, every woman has her own sense of style and comfort that she likes to carry it with. Jagan Jewellers are known to cater to traditional as well as modern concept of jewellery. Talking about being a woman and latest trends in Jewellery, Bhavna Singla, Owner, Jagan Jewellers, shares her views.

As a woman, define what Women’s Day means to you.

A woman’s life is made up of a lot of contributions. As women, we form the very foundation of our society. This day serves as a reminder that, despite everything we have accomplished together, more has to be done. For young girls all around the world to see role models that look like them and know there is hope, a road forward, and a path laid out for them to step into their greatness, we must continue to recognize and appreciate the value of the contributions made by women. This day allows me to continue inspiring my counterparts and younger ladies who might look up to me in some form.

How do you imagine a woman should feel when wearing her jewellery?

A person is the strongest when they feel like themself. The sense of belongingness in one’s own body is a very treasured feeling. Jewellery inspires an inner sense of happiness and assurance in us. It allows you to express yourself and instils freedom and ease. There is no denying that wearing jewellery increases one’s self-confidence.

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