“Women, Do Not Bog Down!”

In a world full of imperfections and flaws, if there is one thing that has maintained consistency in perfection is the idea of an ‘ideal woman’

At the age of 28, Diksha was the ‘ideal woman’. She did everything that was asked of her to be the woman society approved of got married at 23, had a 9-5 job, and had a kid at 24. Her life was sorted. 

Around 3 years ago, Diksha’s weight kept increasing in an extremely unhealthy fashion but back then she had more important things to care about – the kid, her husband, in-laws. She was just another of those hundred thousands of Indian home-makers who give in all their ambitions and interests in the name of having an ideal family life. 

In 2015, Diksha was a full-time working busy mom and a homemaker, with a hectic schedule and family responsibilities. She never paid attention to her health and fitness and hence got detected with PCOD and hypothyroidism resulting in a massive weight gain. Diksha was close to 100kgs, 29 years and an old depressed woman

That is when she realized that this has to stop. Then she decided to change, change her lifestyle, her outlook towards food and exercise.

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