Winter Wonderland

With winter setting take to indoor activity to stay healthy, fit, slim and toned

If there’s a will, you’ll find a way. If there is no will, you’ll find an excuse!

It’s all about your mindset. There’s absolutely no need to pile on weight as the temperatures drop. You’re not a bear who is about to go into hibernation that you need to tank up on the calories and slow down your metabolism. Long gone are those primitive days of needing our body fat to keep us warm.

So what if you’re more covered up than before? So what if you don’t have to sport a bikini anytime soon? You think you can spread sideways without it being noticed? Think again. Being slim and fit is not going out of style in any hurry. It’s certainly here to stay! There’s still more than enough motivation to keep you wanting to stay in good shape. Christmas, New Year’s, weddings, celebrations, family and friends visiting from out of town, etc. are reasons aplenty for you to want to look your best.

But how, it’s too cold outside! Feeling rather lethargic, lazy and don’t want to have to face up to the cold? Fair enough. Frankly neither would I! So then take up an indoor activity! Go gymming, join an aerobic class, dance, do Pilates, do Yoga, or swim in an indoor heated pool. You won’t be short of any options.

You may even consider getting out there and enjoying the winter wonderland! Take up a winter sport, perhaps. Go, hit the slopes. You can even make a vacation out of it. You may learn how to ski, ice skate, snow board or go sledding. It’s a lot of fun, it can even turn out to be your new hobby and it’ll break the monotony of your usual workout. This way you’ll ensure that your body doesn’t get used to and, therefore, immune to your workouts. In other words, you won’t stagnate and you will continue to see regular progress. As the excessive eating and drinking at parties don’t really contribute positively to health or fitness, your workouts will help in squaring off the account.

Enjoy staying healthy, fit, slim, and toned, no matter what. After all, true fitness and partaking in a healthy lifestyle isn’t a phase; it’s a way of life!

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