Weaving tradition with style

Our country is filled with traditions and customs and when someone brings these traditions back to life along with a modern touch, it turns out to be something beautiful that everyone loves. Nanaki Singh, Founder, Pattaree by Nanaki along with her mother, Ranju Singh, Director, Pattaree by Nanaki are putting in their love and soul in each piece that they design for their special brides. These two strong women talk about being successful entrepreneurs and their journey.

Q.1 Why did you choose this line of profession for yourself? What was your inspiration?

Nanaki: I suppose Pattaree chose me. I saw my nani’s trunk and loved the vintage feel of it. I ended up adding rich fabrics which gave the trunk a very old school vibe. While I was still adding the finishing touches, my cousin came to visit me, she was getting married, she simply loved the trunk and wanted to carry her trousseau in it and that’s how it all began. I ended up designing pretty shagan thalis, trays for the shagan ceremony as well. Putting this together, would have been impossible without my mom (Ranju). Her knowledge of fabrics and texture and her amazing ability to combine different design elements, made Pattaree a reality.

Q.2 What helped you in being a successful entrepreneur?

Nanaki: My formal education in  Design and  Architecture definitely set us apart. One of my designs the Chandigarh War Memorial stands in Sector 3 Bouganville garden and I m very proud of it.

Ranju:  It may sound cliche but I would say attention to detail. Each trunk that we create, we spend hours with our Kaarigars, making sure everything is just perfect.

Q.3 How important is it for our country to have women at the top corporate level jobs and why?

Of course, having women like Indra Nooyi excelling in top corporate jobs paves the way for other women, but I believe women are now changing up the playing field. They are creating their own space and they are having fun while doing it.

Q.4 Many believe it is more difficult for a woman to reach at the top level management. Do you agree? Yes/No? Why?

Ranju: it is a man-made world but barriers are meant to be broken. I believe you set your own limitations, but yes for women, they are juggling many things at the same time, so there are competing priorities and I guess many times, work takes a back seat. 

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