“We design thinking brand longevity in mind”

With the intention of bringing commercial & hospitality design within the country to international standards, Smriti Ahuja & Keith Menon laid the foundation stone of Spiro Spero. Here’s a sneak-peak into their trailblazing journey!

As an architecture, design & branding firm, Spiro Spero has come a long way in creating a modern space aesthetic inspired by the past, for the present and one that lasts long into the future. The legacy which was laid by Smriti Ahuja & Keith Menon a few years ago is today a success story to reckon with. So, we speak to Smriti to know more about what keeps the duo going!

Spiro Spero was started by the two of us (Kieth Menon and I)  – old college friends – to work on the interesting design and branding projects – projects where we could work turn-key and put thought, depth, and character into our work i.e. from conceiving the brand to executing its launch. Our journey has serendipitously led us to specifically specialize in hospitality based projects but we’ve also been lucky enough to work on some different and amazing campaigns and festivals.

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