Vision with action can change the world

To achieve your dream, the most important thing that one must have is a clear vision. You must dedicate yourself to achieve your vision and make it a success. That is what Navneet from Central Supermarket did once he came back to his hometown after completing his studies in London. With his family being in automobiles, he wanted to achieve his own dream and worked hard to get it to this level and plans to expand it further in near future.

Q1: How did the Central Supermarket begin? What was your role in building this?

It was all unexpected. I went to London for my higher studies and being a vegetarian most of the times I used to cook on my own. Therefore, I started going to supermarkets for grocery shopping. And I was fascinated by the way supermarkets work there. That’s how “THE CENTRAL SUPERMARKET” was born when I came back to India.

Q2: What was the biggest challenge for you while connecting your brand with the customers?

The location of my supermarket was most challenging for me because there is no residential area nearby. So attracting customers was a bit hard for me. Then from print media to digital media, we did everything for marketing.

Q3: From a supermarket to automobile business, you play number of roles. What do you enjoy the most?

Well ! I enjoy being an entrepreneur itself. Automobile business is something which runs in my family. I’m obsessed with machines and speed. And supermarket is my own venture. It is a child to me where my heart and soul resides.

Q4: What do you love doing when you are not working?

There are multiple things where I involve myself when I’m not working. I love watching movies, going out for parties, chilling with my friends and family. I love sweating myself out in the gym. I go out for bike rides every Sunday. I’m a wanderer and missing exploring new places since Covid 19.

Q5: Post 2020, how do you think behaviour of the people changed when it comes to grocery shopping?

Covid has impacted many business segments but it was a boon for essential services. People started buying in bulk and cooking more at their homes. Everyone was experimenting new cuisines and even now people are buying goods more than before.

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