Unveiling secrets to great nutrition – A dietitian’s tale

Fueled by passion and compassion, Nalini Pandhi navigates the realm of nutrition with a heartfelt mission to transform lives. Through personal experiences and professional expertise, she shares insights and practical wisdom to empower busy women on their quest for holistic wellness.

What inspired you to become a dietitian?

I’m passionate about helping people improve their relationship with food. During my college days, I observed many girls struggling with eating disorders. It shed light on the world’s perspective on health and its significant negative impacts on mental health. With a post-graduate degree in nutrition and human behavior, I have gained an understanding of people’s habits and how these can be changed.

Can you share some practical tips for busy women to eat healthily?

Hydration is of utmost importance, yet it’s often neglected. Incorporate buttermilk into your diet and always carry water with you. Enhance the taste by adding chia seeds, garden cress, or infuse it with hibiscus or lemongrass. Introduce good fats to your diet with seeds like pumpkin, sunflower, watermelon, and hemp. Sprinkle these on fruits or yogurt. Begin your day with a protein-rich meal such as millet porridge, sprouts chat, chickpea salad, lentil waffle, or eggs. 

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