Unleashing the Potential of Young Minds

Embarking on a journey ignited by a child’s curiosity, Natasha Aggarwal, Founder of Cherry Coders Edtech shares the inspiration behind creating a strong foundation for young tech minds. With a vision formed by personal experiences and knowledge acquired in the tech industry, Cherry Coders strives to empower students even beyond coding, fostering creative confidence and curiosity.

What inspired you to establish Cherry Coders Edtech, and how has your personal journey influenced its vision?

Cherry Coders Edtech began when my six-year-old daughter asked, ‘How do things work, mom?’ Her curiosity led to the founding of our Coding Institute in 2017, dedicated to nurturing young tech minds.

The aim of Cherry Coders is to nurture more than coding, aiming also to build creative confidence and curiosity. We hope to inspire a generation bold to question, test ideas, and use their minds and hands to solve real-world problems. In a world where coding is the next literacy, we are here to equip young minds with the tools they need to succeed and rise in life.

In creating personalized courses, how do you ensure each student’s unique needs and learning pace are effectively addressed?

We are a boutique company that provides specialized white glove service to our students. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we take time to understand each student’s needs. Our free counseling by experts helps parents and students choose the best course. We then create a custom curriculum based on the student’s abilities and learning speed.

At Cherry Coders, we use personalized learning. This means using technology and regular assessments to adapt the coursework to each student’s strengths and challenges. Our teachers give one-on-one support, making sure every student learns at their own pace for a complete educational experience.

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