Twins redefining timeless fashion – Bubber Couture

Bubber Couture, founded in 2011 by identical twins Aanchal Bubber Mehta and Sanjana Bubber, is a Mumbai-based Luxury Couture Label. Their designs beautifully blend Indian aesthetics with contemporary style, emphasizing timeless fashion. With classic, multi-functional silhouettes for men and elegant, glamorous pieces for women, they create ageless heirlooms. In conversation with Urban Melange, they talk about their inspiration and how their designs reflect the twins’ unique synergy and personalities.

Can you share a glimpse of your creative journey over the past decade at Bubber Couture?

Over these 12 years, our brand has evolved into South Bombay’s best-kept secret, relying on the recommendations of hundreds of delighted customers to become the preferred choice of discerning clientele. Our philosophy revolves around seamlessly blending Indian aesthetics with contemporary fashion, rooted in the belief in timeless style. Our designs embody a classic yet tailored approach with a focus on multi-functionality, catering to the modern, minimalistic man. Our journey began in April 2011 with the launch of a capsule collection. Steadily, we expanded our presence, culminating in the opening of our flagship store in Mumbai in 2016.

How do you maintain a balance between classic designs and modern, multi-functional silhouettes in your collections?
With a shared penchant for modern inspirations, we’ve seamlessly blended our preferences into our clothing. We’ve introduced duality, reversibility, and multi-functionality as core elements in our silhouettes. This not only aligns with sustainability but also offers clients greater style versatility. In today’s world, garments must be designed with longevity in mind, allowing for repeat wear without appearing monotonous. Our approach to balance involves infusing modern surface ornamentation into our designs. Motifs are inspired by contemporary themes, while embroidery, prints, and textures cater to a modern aesthetic applied to classic or multi-functional Indian silhouettes, tailored for the minimalistic yet classic Indian man.

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