Treating generations with love

Dr. Kuldip Singh Arora

Taking his love for his patients and his profession a step forward, Dr. Kuldip Singh Arora, started a multispecialty establishment in the year 1996 in Amritsar, which I now known as K.D. Ganesha Hospital. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about his experiences and how the medical sector has evolved over the years, throwing light on the biggest problem in healthcare today.

Q. Coming from a family of businessmen, why did you choose to become a doctor?

I was very good at studies and at the same time I was influenced and inspired by my family doctors. I used to love their sincerity towards their job and a touch of glamour that was around them. That got me attracted towards the profession of being a doctor and I chose this field.

Q. what was your vision behind starting K.D. Hospital back in the year 1996?

During those times the medical care in the private sector in Amritsar was in shambles and neither the government sector was delivering in any specialization. Therefore, there was an urgent need of a decent hospital where the patients are properly cared for. There was a dire need of specialized treatments in the private sector at affordable prices, so that the general public could get excess to the best of medical care. I am one of the pioneers who brought advanced techniques in pediatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery and intensive care units and more to the city of Amritsar. Thereby, reversing the trend when people of Amritsar had to rush to Ludhiana, Delhi or Chandigarh for even various routine problems.

Q. You have been in the medical sector for decades now, how do you think things have evolved over the years?

Medical sector has evolved to a very great extent over the years. This sector has evolved specially in the private care sector. We have come ahead manifold specifically in advanced medical care sector. We have advanced in all sectors of medicine, surgery, plastic surgery, etc. with the advent of various machineries and technology. Various surgeries have been brought down to being just day care surgeries with very little post operative morbidity and mortality. Therefore, medical sector has made great strides so far where healthcare delivery is concerned to the people. The diagnostic powers of a doctor have also changed revolutionary with the latest technologies in radiology sector.

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