‘There is no shortcut to success

Grasping change as an opportunity to learn something new at every stage of his life, GS Rattan successfully climbed the ladder of the corporate world. He is now sharing his valuable insights and learnings in the form of his book, ’10 steps to the boardroom’. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, he talks about the book and his journey from an engineer to a professor and now an author.

Q. What or who was your inspiration behind this book?

During my 2nd inning as a professor while I taught students the technical aspects of engineering most of my classes used to end up with me sharing my real-life experiences. Whether this was in using the technology, its growth, or the human interplay involved with it. 

And the feedback I got from them was moving. I understood that real-life application of the knowledge was sorely missing. I would spend several hours with students wanting to know how to grow in an organization beyond collating technical expertise. I discussed this with my daughter, and we thought of putting this in the form of a manual and sharing this learning with all the young and aspiring engineers and managers. We took a chance and sent it to Penguin and they picked up the book. It evolved from there into a book that I am very proud to have published today at the age of 74.

Q. What should a reader expect while starting this book?

Any reader who would read this book should get a fairly good idea of making a roadmap of his/her career path and how to move ahead in their journey of attaining the goal to be at the top of their profession or organization.

The book ‘10 Steps to the Boardroom’ charts out an action plan at various phases of an individual’s career-making journey. Irrespective of the profession the person is in, the concepts and steps explained will fit in according to their age, designation, and level of expertise.

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