A woman of an indomitable spirit and an unflinching perseverance to contribute her bit to the society, Patiala based Nancy Ghuman has carved a niche for herself in the region for being bold, successful, and empowered while traversing through the ups and downs of life. Nancy dons various hats including that of a professional proof reader, event manager, philanthropist, a mother, and most importantly, a phenomenal woman! In an exclusive interview with Nancy, we explore more about her trailblazing journey, her take on women empowerment, and a lot more.

Walk us through your journey as a woman professional and philanthropist?

My journey as a woman professional and philanthropist has not been a bed of roses, to say the least. Whether it was in terms of my professional life which included having a divorce and being a single mother or it was about being a working woman, a philanthropist, and an event organizer, it was never a cake walk. I have worked as a professional proof-reader at Punjabi University, Patiala, started an NGO called Rainbow Club for Special Children, and organized an array of lifestyle and social work events in the region. My heart bleeds to witness the indifferent attitude and the stigma attached with the specially-abled children. When such a child is born in a family, the kins do not celebrate and rather, consider it to be a burden and put their heads down in shame. The children are looked upon with disgrace and worthlessness. In order to break this barrier, I had started the Rainbow Club for Special Children, wherein my major motive is to get these children the recognition and gratitude that they deserve.

What are some challenges that you had to face for all this while?

Ever since a very young age, I had to encounter a lot of challenges. I was betrayed by a man who promised to marry me, which left me feeling shattered. Gradually, as a single mother, I had to fight the patriarchal mindset of the society and take life as it comes. Over the years, it was not easy to be a single independent woman who does not hesitate to raise her voice for the wrong doings. I was falsely accused in a case that I have no connection with and since I am not from an influential family, I had to fight my battle all alone – no one came forward to extend any support, be it my friends, relatives, peers, or the government everyone wanted to play it safe. I feel that for the society, it is very easy to pull down a woman by pointing fingers on her character, oblivious to what the reality is.

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