The Rising Trend of Male Grooming

But, how much time does it really take?

The general impression is that women spend more time on grooming than men, but studies show otherwise. On an average, it seems that men spend more time on grooming, especially in the morning. Other studies show that on an average, a woman spends about 48 to 50 minutes a day on grooming; while men spend 55 minutes to an hour. Is this due to the fact that women are more adept at grooming, like using the hair dryer, for instance?

There is another factor that should be considered. Nowadays, beards are trendy and a large number of men are sporting beards, which actually take more looking-after to keep their shape. Trimming beards may take more time than shaving because shaving is a habit and men are used to doing it in less time. Men also spend more time at their barber’s than women do with their hairstylist. Men take more time grooming their hair, using hairdressing creams or serums.

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