The Property Tycoon

Presenting an exclusive interview with the internationally renowned businessman, Prof Peter Virdee

A force to reckon with spurring success, an unflinching entrepreneurial zeal, and an aesthetic fashion sense, Prof Peter Virdee has always had a strong sense of his Punjabi roots. Despite carving a niche abroad with his venture, B&S Property, Virdee staunchly celebrates the rich culture and heritage of Punjab.

While highlighting the same, he firmly shared, “Although I am based in the UK with my businesses operating here in London and globally, I am still very much connected to my roots as I incorporate the ethos of my Punjabi culture in every aspect of my personal life as well as my professional career, and it will always continue to remain the foundation of my life,” firmly shared Virdee.

In an exclusive interview, we talk to him about Sikhism, success, and lots more!

What do you love the most about being a part of the Sikh community?

I admire the ideology of Sikhs, which is divine unity, equality of all humankind, believe in one God and community service – collectively this unites us as one. Our lives are focused on the relationship with God and being part of a Sikh community that fosters personal growth, social support and spiritual development.

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