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The Pioneers of Affordable Superspecialty Care: A Spotlight on Ivy Hospital

Presenting an exclusive interview with Mr. Gurtej Singh and his wife, Dr. Kanwaldeep, the visionary couple which has demonstrated extraordinary courage and innovation in their mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable.

By: Bhavya Gaind

In a world where quality healthcare is often inaccessible and unaffordable, there are rare individuals who dare to challenge the status quo and create a transformative impact. Meet Dr. Kanwaldeep and Mr. Gurtej Singh, the dynamic duo behind Ivy Hospital, a groundbreaking initiative that has redefined the healthcare landscape in Punjab, India.

Founded with the core principles of ethics and inclusivity, this healthcare group has grown from a humble team of 10-15 doctors to over 200 highly skilled medical professionals. Spread across Hoshiarpur, Khanna, Amritsar, Nawanshahr, Mohali, and Bathinda, Ivy Healthcare’s NABH accredited hospitals cater to the needs of over 300,000 patients annually.

The noble initiative was the brainchild of Mr. Gurtej Singh and his wife, Dr. Kanwaldeep, who exhibited remarkable courage and innovation in their pursuit of accessible and affordable healthcare.

Their unwavering vision and perseverance have propelled Ivy Hospital to the forefront of the industry. In an exclusive interview, the duo shares an insider’s view into their inspiring journey, from the early days of recognizing the need for specialized hospitals to their remarkable achievements today.

What inspired the establishment of Ivy Hospital?

Dr. Kanwaldeep: With a background in radiology from the esteemed PGI Hospital, I gained valuable experience in the field. However, during my practice, I noticed a significant void in the availability of specialized private hospitals in the area. It was at this juncture that my husband, Gurtej, and I decided to embark on a journey to establish a superspecialty hospital in the region, with a firm commitment to providing healthcare that is both affordable and easily accessible to all.

Can you describe the overall vision and mission of Ivy Hospital? How does Ivy Hospital distinguish itself from other healthcare institutions in the region?

Mr. Gurtej: As pioneers in the field of superspecialty healthcare, we embarked on this journey when corporatization was in its nascent stages. Our mission was clear: to make healthcare affordable and accessible. We aimed to bridge the gap between specialized hospitals and affordability.

Whereas, our vision was to establish superspecialty care under one roof while catering not only to the population of Punjab but also to the other states in North India. With the passage of time, we have achieved this goal, with patients coming from as far as Srinagar and Kanpur.

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