The naughty college going girl

A sparkly Aaital Khosla got full support from her family and she chased her passion for pageants, writes nimrat kaur ahuja

very girl is born with glitter in her eyes and passion in her dreams, for what’s important is to find the right direction to release and explore every pinch of the glitter she is ready to spread. Such was Aaital Khosla, a pajama girl who wanted nothing but the glitter. For her glitter was literally the one in the crown, the one in a dress and the one in her mother’s eyes. Like every other child she too had big dreams and passion, but unlike many of us she made it to her destination.

When destination is just the beginning and the journey started thereon a true passionate queen is born. And so was it with the queen of class and poise that come supplemented by fun and positivity in each word she utters.
In conversation with Urban Melange is the youngest Miss Earth Aaital Khosla who has aspirations that have touched hearts beyond imagination. A role model who’s journey is more inspiring than her destiny.

A sparkly college going girl for whom having fun and laughing over the little blessings of God was all that reality was composed of, while her alter ego was composed of big dreams and contribution to nature and the society. As we asked her how life had changed from being a participant at the fresher’s party at MCM DAV College to being Miss Earth 2015, she said, “I couldn’t have thought of a switch bigger than this. As I entered college like any other 18-year-old girl I had fascinations with no uniform, no compulsions but what excited me the most was a form of discipline that still prevailed. I was always sure of what I wanted in life- to be worth the crown, every crown that holds honor and prestige to it. And as I became Miss Earth 2015 life changed drastically; my values still stood firm and deep rooted. I had become responsible and even more focused towards my goals.” For most of us it would have been a life changing event, but for her it was a life enhancing event.
Genetically blessed with a lean body and clear skin, we asked Aaital about her fitness routine and she said, “All my body needs is an hour of running, plenty of water, green vegetables and the chocolate and junk food cravings into self rewards if I achieve something and a busy lifestyle leaves no space for cravings.”

Modeling might sound all glamour and high celebrity life that is full of good clothes and parties, Aaital unwinds the truth for us saying, “Modeling is the combination of 3 Ds – dedication, discipline, and diet that is healthy.” This may sound a little hard to achieve but everything becomes easy when you taste success. The taste of success is extremely intoxicating, it gives you a high in life but it is very demanding and needs a lot of patience.
With the right kind of attitude and discipline what becomes even more important is an inspiration; inspirations have always been the first step towards a dream, a wish or a fancy. As we asked Aaital curiously about her inspiration, she shared with us,“ The beauty of the crown inspired me; to wear it, to hold it and to have it for keep. Crowns really fascinated me as a child and when I grew up I realized it needs a lot of focus, hard work and passion to acquire it.” She adds how her dream was a glitter in her mother’s eye that had always made her focused and directed her.

Her journey to Miss Earth was a dream to begin with, a dream where 90 beauties from different countries were competing. Giving an adrenaline rush that increased with every morning. Every face was equally beautifuland every heart equally pure, each of them was hardworking, smart and beauty with a cause after all. Aaital proudly recalls, “The moment people called me India instead of Aaital was an absolute delight. It not only made me feel proud of my country but gave me immense pleasure to be representing a country so diverse.” These indubitably stood as the best days of the journey.

There is a certain misconception about the pageant being all about glamour and fashion. However, on asking Aaital about the mathematics of what Miss Earth is all about she told us, “The Miss Earth pageant is partially related to environmental cause, apart from being beautiful you have to be environmentally alive to see the cause and effect of manmade actions and to work for it.”

Having known the journey of Aaital Khosla as a fashion designer and stylist we stood keen to understand if she had dreamt of being a fashion designer or a Miss Earth pageant winner. To which she satisfied us by telling us how fashion designing and styling were never picks and practices that took a lot of energy and time for her to understand. It was inherited from her mother who is a designer herself. To excel in pageants was Aaital’s destiny. As titles and crowns always attracted and fascinated her. “It was never modeling but always beauty pageants that I was crazy about,” Aaital tells us.

And to begin her journey and be polished and ready for it, she knew how important technical training was in order to succeed. Her mother had researched a lot and found an authentic and successful pageant training institute in Pune known as the ‘TIARA – pageant training institute’. The training institute is run by an extremely dedicated lady, Ritika Ramtri, who converted Aaital from an ordinary sweet girl to an elegant diva. “She is a mother figure to me. And this is where I had learnt to be out of the rat race from the very beginning.” Alongside a training institute what matters is the support of those who love you and are closest to you, and such is Aaital’s family. “There was not even an iota of pressure from anybody and it was just encouragement from all around.”
Aaital is a casual pajama girl who only requires a book in the bed and her family and friends to be with her. With the serenity of her mind and the beauty of her heart she advocates deforestation into reforestation and wants every citizen to to help make Earth greener and beautiful for the generations to come. She firmly believes, “Mother earth has given so much to mankind, it’s time to payback. My humble request to every reader is to please reuse and recycle whatever they can so that our mother earth has to bear lesser burden than what it is getting conditioned to now.”