The Mompreneur

 Dr. Shamoly Khera is a TV Presenter & Founder of Speak To Inspire Consultancy; she is a mindset transformation coach with expertise in public speaking & emotional intelligence.

What does being a ‘mompreneur’ mean to you? Has it had any impact on your professional journey?

Let me split that question further. When a woman becomes a Mom, she is exactly the same person she was earlier, now just with a new responsibility that she has created. So I was just an ambitious woman who also became a Mom.

A Mompreneur is someone who continues to carry her aspirations as a woman while ensuring her child gets all the nurturing, the two parts of her life moving forward in parallel. Being a Mom certainly had impact on my professional journey. While I continued my work as a TV presenter until I was 7 months pregnant, I did consciously take a break for the first 3 months after the baby was born. Physically and emotionally, this is the most crucial time for a mom and baby to bond. Career can hit pause for such moments that will never come back, and you can always start from where you left off.

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