The Medical Torchbearer

Presenting an exclusive tête-à-tête with Dr. Ravul Jindal 

As one of the lead investigators in numerous landmark trials, how has your work as a Vascular and Endovascular surgeon shaped you daily efforts as a clinician?

I feel that all clinicians besides doing clinical work should be involved in research work. Research work gives you an input on how your results are and how you can improve them after analyzing your data.

What are some of the majorly observed vascular and Endovascular diseases of which people are unaware of?

Vascular disease awareness is still in infancy stage. People are largely unaware of disease like deep venous thrombosis which can affect any person even after minor surgery and if not treated properly, it can be life-threatening.

India is a capital of diabetes and we are still losing a lot of limbs due to the diabetic foot which is preventable with proper care and treatment. Awareness about varicose veins is also not there and we see a lot of patients with its complications like thrombosis, bleeding and venous ulcers.

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