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The Humbling Journey of the doctor who dares

What made you choose surgery as a career?

Ah, the answer might ring funny. When I was a kid studying in UKG, one of my fingers got injured and I was bleeding. Instead of crying, I started scribbling English alphabets on the wall with a matchstick. That was the moment when my mom declared that I was going to be a surgeon and I think that statement just slivered right in and stayed in my mind. I firmly believe that that was the turning point when the seeds of me becoming a surgeon were sown.

What inspired you to pursue a career in the field of medicine? Tell us about your journey.

While growing up in Lucknow and passing my Class XII, my early destiny was carved out by what my father did – he was a doctor. And then, in those days of the mid 1990s, either you chose engineering, or you went into medicine. So, a natural flow of chosen patterns got me into medicine.

It was while studying and later, practicing medicine, that I began to see the enormous layers and possibilities of the profession open up and reveal themselves. Also, interestingly, until final year, I thought I was going to specialize in cardiac surgery. But chance and essentially two names – Dr. Diwakar Dalela and Professor Mahendra Bhandari, two great visionaries in urology – inspired me so thoroughly that I changed tracks and picked urology as my specialized field.

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