“The future is handmade”

Alka Khurana, the brain behind the fashion label, Alka Khurana and Adhvika, Pathankot spills the beans on reaching the zenith of success

A brand built on resilience and elegance, the House of Alka Khurana was started with only two sewing machines and as destiny would have it, life has come a full circle as they complete 25 years in the fashion industry with a team of over fifty people and two brands under their umbrella. Alka Khurana provides an insider’s view into this success story!

Your stores in Pathankot have enhanced the brand’s popularity. What vision do you have for your brand for the future?

With 2 brands under HOAK, we are trying to strike a balance between creative expression and commercial viability. While the label Alka Khurana is all about customizations, at Adhvika we are catering to patrons who are connoisseurs of fine design but generally shy away due to the pricey designer tags. We are planning to expand in major cities of Punjab shortly.

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