The filling of love

With its spread of 149 varieties, The Art of Dumpling scores not just on quantity but also taste, says Swati Singla

We are all aware with the concepts of regional food, international cuisine, local street food, comfort food, but then, there is that some food items that transcends boundaries and become global in their appeal, popularity, availability and offerings. Such meaningful food items find their way into several cultures and come to be in a league of their own. I am talking about the regal dumpling here! It may have its roots of origin in China, but nations beyond Asia too have their own adaptation of the delicious offering and also claim its origin back to their roots. There is folklore galore regarding this pre historic dish.

Despite the growing popularity of the food item, it is not everyday that one comes across a perfect dim sum that does justice to the lineage. My excitement was natural when I came across a food lover, Adipta Majumder, who not only created a flavorsome filling or two, he paid an homage to the global food item at his 70-cover-restaurant. The Art of Dumpling (TAOD), located in Capital’s heart, Connaught Place, offers a whooping 149 varieties of dumplings; second largest dumpling menu in the world, each flavorful, luscious and delicious.

The restaurant welcomes its guests with a Sparkling Golden Cranberry, which is a fruity, refreshing drink; a delight in the Delhi heat. The beverage is a visual treat, too, with its sparkling gold dust and frozen garnishes. I place my order with a purpose: To sample as many as the 149 dumpling and see if it is worth the claim. I begin with Gondi—a clear broth with vegetables and meatballs made with chicken and prawns. The broth is delicately flavored and the tender vegetables retain their bite. But the star of the show is the meatballs—succulent, juicy, bite-sized pieces that explode with flavor on my palate!

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