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The Fashionable Educators – Rupam & Prabeer Grewal

DPS Badhani is fondly also called as The Badhani School and follows a simple philosophy of transforming potential into reality. Parbeer Grewal, Director, Dalhousie Public School Badhani comes from an education background and chose this as his path. Whereas his wife, Rupam Grewal is an educator turned fashion designer and entrepreneur. Her brand Jaamawar Minx wins people’s hearts with their design and quality.

One is an educationist while the other is an educator turned fashion designer. Tell us about your story.

Rupam Grewal: After marrying into a family of educationists, my journey as a teacher started and I became dean of academics, and later, the vice chairperson of DPS, Badhani. But, inside, I was still the young girl who accompanied her mother to buy silks and other fabrics for the family. I can recognize textiles without even having to look. In fact, before starting my own venture, I’d often design dresses for my friends. So, I decided to do what I love and Jaamawar Minx was born.

Prabeer Grewal: Belonging to a family of educationists inspired me to take up this role full-time. It’s my way of giving back to the society. That’s how Dalhousie Public School (DPS), Badhani, came into being. With children’s welfare being our main motto, my mother, Mrs. Balwinder Kaur Grewal, was a huge inspiration for me, for she always yearned that we build a top-grade boarding school.

How would you define success?

Rupam Grewal: For me, numbers don’t spell success. On the contrary, being in a position to help and support others by way of employment feels truly rewarding.

Prabeer Grewal: I strongly affirm that there is no short-cut to success, and that, to be successful in life, one has to walk the rocky road. This is also what we teach our students – to not be afraid of working hard. We want them to realize that success is more than what is measured in monetary beakers.

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