The Education Mogul

Mr. Rishabh Chopra, Executive Director, SouthVale: The World School has revolutionized the education arena with his thorough intellect and zeal. So, we present excerpts from our conversation with him!

What gravitated you towards the field of education? Is this something that you always wanted to do?

Venturing into this sector was a thoughtful decision driven by many factors. However, the resolve to begin SouthVale: The World School stems from the vision to reciprocate my mother’s sacrifice of giving up her career as a teacher. She dedicated all her time towards raising me and my sister and making us capable to win in life. My sister, Sugandha Chopra, now has a great career in the field of HR while I manage business operations here. Thus, I chose to give her back the position she deserves. My mother, Rashmi Chopra, is now the Managing Director at school.

Another reason that added weight to my decision was the ability to make a collective impact and lending a hope to dreams that children see. And no other platform other than education can justify it better. This good side to the school’s vision is drawn from the teachings of my grandmother, Mrs. Promila Chopra. Her guidance lends positivity to my business decisions.

Therefore, yes. It was always at the back of my mind since I was a kid to build something on the lines on education.

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