Inspired by her grandparents, Dr. Tavleen Sandhu believes that doctors are not just bookworms and also have a life of their own. With an aim to become a successful gynaecologist and a medical illustrator, she has been using her art in spreading social messages. In conversation with Nikita Agarwal, she shares her experiences and how doodling helps her calm her mind and body.

When did you develop an interest in medicine and decided to be a doctor?

My inspiration to become a doctor is a mixture of childhood dreams, familial influence and societal recommendations. As a child, my cousins and I used to play with doctor kits and treat all the teddies and dolls from fever and cold to broken arms. Growing up I procured a dissection kit and experimented on all the lizards I could catch. The final resolve to pursue medicine set in the day when my late grandfather Dr Hardas S. Sandhu who was a world-renowned Orthopedic Surgeon took me to the operation theatre to observe a minor surgical procedure.

Tell us about your doodle art in detail.

I started doodling at a young age. Ever since I picked up a crayon, colouring and sketching became a part of my daily routine. I enjoyed dabbling in art which included random scribbling during the class breaks to doodling art projects for school, friends and family. Doodle also helped me to stay focused and was also a huge stress buster during my medical entrance preparation. It also helped me escape boredom, increase concentration and it eventually turned into the preferred tool of expression. During my stint in the medical college, I lent my doodles for various campaigns against tobacco and early detection of cancer led by my mom who is a cancer crusader. These got me more assignments and I set up my social media account “Drs. doodle” to increase visibility. I have doodled for various campaigns like Covid-19 safety protocol, Mental health awareness, Violence against doctors (Save the Saviours), Blood Donation Drives, Suicide Prevention Awareness & World Smile Day. Additionally, I have lent my doodles to 2 National Medical Conferences and FLO art installation on Mother’s Day.

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