The ‘Chef Mom’

In a candid interview with India’s most-loved chef mom, Amrita Raichand, we discover how being a mother changed her life for good

Donning the hat of an actor, as well as a chef, is not a very common sight. What brought this shift? What is your personal favourite?

Well, donning the hat of an actor and a chef is not only an uncommon sight but a tough task too and that’s probably I decided to do one and do it properly. I chose to be a chef as my son was growing up to be a fussy eater like most children and I wanted to deal with this situation in an unconventional manner. Since my focus is on healthy cooking which does not look more like food that appeals to kids, read (“junk” )the job gets a little tougher for me as it requires a lot of research to gain knowledge about nutrition, presentation ideas etc. Since I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I decided to give it my all to my chosen profession, “Chef Mom” as I like to call it and needless to say this is my favourite!

What has been the inspiration behind your show ‘Mummy Ka Magic’? How has the response been so far?

My inspiration behind the show is my son. So in the show, I play myself, a mom who wants to see her child polish off everything that she presents at the table. Since children don’t really care about healthy ingredients and vegetables and their benefits thereof, I have taken it upon myself to camouflage them into recipes that are absolutely scrumptious and attractively presented so as to divert their attention from the fact that the dish is healthy too! The response to my show Mummy ka Magic has been great and with all humility I say that it has probably gone on to become one of the longest-running cooking shows on Indian television.

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