The Beauty Products Purchase Checklist

Here are a few things to keep in mind while trying new beauty products!

Today, branding is important, especially when you buy cosmetics. However, I feel that before finding out about the brand, you should know about yourself, your skin type and the individual needs of your skin and hair. In fact, a great deal of information is available nowadays about personalized products in beauty care. You should definitely select cosmetics according to skin type and also the season. In summer, for instance, you would need skin toners, and fresheners, especially for oily or combination skin

Increasing your knowledge about the brand is also important. Find out about the brand, whether it is an established one or not, or whether it sells organic products, or upholds the philosophy of environment-friendly products. There is enough information today about the company’s brand image and brand identity. If the products live up to the brand image and the projected brand value, it obviously helps to build brand loyalty. The unique feature about the Shahnaz Husain brand, for example, is that it is an image-based business. My name has become a brand. The image that is foremost in the mind of clients and consumers is that of a real person, who is herself trained in cosmetology and cosmetic therapy. Every label has become a symbol, of my understanding of Ayurvedic beauty care, my vision and my philosophy. In other words, the mere mention of the brand name evokes the image of the person or the persona behind the brand name. 

Today, so much information is available on social media and the internet, that it is easy to find out about the brand, its history and standing. The company’s website also provides information and knowledge about the brand name and its products. Fortunately, in India, the rules and regulations have become more stringent and a licensing system is in place for the manufacture of products. There is also greater awareness about good health and total well-being, leading to the shift towards organic cosmetic products. The greater awareness of the link between beauty and good health is influencing the demand for organic and environment and animal friendly products. Wellness is also becoming a part of the beauty business, with spa treatments being included in salons. Going organic and eco-friendly are the trends that will mark the coming years, as far as the beauty and wellness business is concerned. According to a report, “The organic products market in India has been growing at a CAGR of 25 per cent and is expected to reach ₹10,000-₹12,000 crores by 2020.” Of course, the current Covid-19 crisis has led to a slowdown in numbers in most enterprises. 

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